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Viral experiment

More on viral marketing:

The rules: Create a new site and launch it on May 19, and build the most traffic or get the most Technorati links by June 9 — with no paid advertising.

The lessons:

– the idea …

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Reviewing profound

Time away brings introspection.

Long hours in a canoe give lots of room for thought.

While I sort through those ideas – here is a compilation of favourite ideas from the past. It’s a series of posts about purpose, perfection, …

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Bit of art, bit of history: perfect

I’m a sucker for a good story.

Just bought number 945, the smallest odd abundant number.

Smallest … odd … abundant … number. Hilarious. Brilliant.

Thanks to Seth Godin for the link.

Site Search Tags: , …

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(un)sift’d: Feb/Mar links for review

Here’s a list of pages I’ve cruised by lately that seemed to merit another peek. Mostly a list of pages I want to get back to, but may be of interest to others too.

Flickr: Scaling Fast and Cheap — …

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Seth Godin on idea viruses:

“Delighting them, enraging them, hospitalizing them or surprising them–that’s how sneezers [or spreaders of viruses] are born.”

Part of the viral framework?…

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All parables, all together

Compiling a list of lessons, this post presents a series of parables on entrepreneurism, perfect-for-purpose, and peerless innovation.

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Without peer

A gracefully executed work has no peer.

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Designing viruses

This article is a really tight overview of the principles of design.

I just keep saying this over and over but: designers have lots to teach entrepreneurs.

Design works because it’s a natural interface with the ways we subconsciously gather …

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Return on design

Interesting piece on design. The return on investment pieces are worth the trip through the 1OO+ slides.

This what I’m looking in my search for the viral framework. Any other leads out there? Tag it here.…

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A beautiful virus

A client has given me the not-so-small task of helping make his company viral. This seems like an incredible challenge and I’m not sure if it’s even possible with a company like his.

Nevertheless, I think about this assignment constantly …

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Machine guns are to Google as _______ are to profit

I live in Ottawa. Today President Bush came to visit.

H-O-L-Y C-O-W! Cops: everywhere. Helicopters and airplanes all over the place. Super cool snipers sneaking around rooftops. Dogs, barricades, security checks, blinders, tents to get in and out of cars, …

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