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I am …

A good friend and I were chatting about personal branding, it started with the regular hoopla: posture, piercings, language, work ethic, body odour, etc. Gradually we got to talking about how we perceive ourselves and how we each perceive the …

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Reawakening eccentricity

Eccentricity comes from the Greek phrase "to prick". I dream of working with eccentric people that dance within chaos and fragmentation.

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Wholemindedness: The brilliance of an unfettered mind

Time management's greatest gift is wholemindedness.

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Less fat, more meat

Holidays, long absences (or large abscesses), and in my case a gynormous move, threaten the very foundation of something like a blog. In reality a blog is incredibly fragile. Mostly carried by the resolve of a single author, a blog …

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Designing viruses

This article is a really tight overview of the principles of design.

I just keep saying this over and over but: designers have lots to teach entrepreneurs.

Design works because it’s a natural interface with the ways we subconsciously gather …

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Cost of worry

Worrying costs efficiency and chews up energy - low level, never urgent issues cost us more than we recognize.

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