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Planning: Goals versus resolutions

"To-do" versus "To-be"

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Labyrinth’s tangle

Bad is born of unbridled good. Wicked good is barely bridled.

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Foundations for air castles

For impact investment to thrive, the castle needs a foundation.

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Context of choice in impact investment

Impact investment means managing portfolios in addition to choosing individual investments.

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Top ten reasons to never pay for foresight

How to avoid getting scammed by foresight vendors.

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Three responses to recession

How pressing, playing the odds, and driving results changes the game.

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Overview of Business+Strategy Posts

This category covers issues in business and strategy for entrepreneurs, SMEs and large corporations.

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Convert core competencies for value creation

To enjoy consistently superior performance, you need to know where to focus your practice.

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The future of now

What you anticipate in the future is a product of your past and everything you count meaningful right now.

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What’s in?

Retro post: September 12, 2004

(A Billy Collins poem. Rated PG)


My favourite time to write is in the late afternoon,
weekdays, particularly Wednesdays.
This is how I go about it:
I take a fresh pot of tea into …

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How to get attention

Focus on your recipe.

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Where questions are windows not battering rams

Pursuing definitive answers often erodes principles.

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abbr. resume

My name is Jeremy Heigh. I am a husband, father, son, brother, friend, reader, thinker, economist, investor, gamer, artist, writer, and young man.

I liked school and have three degrees. The last is an M.Sc. in environmental economics. I enjoy …

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