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Purposeful thought

Action is directed by ideas. Action realizes what thinking has designed.

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Bit of art, bit of history: perfect

I’m a sucker for a good story.

Just bought number 945, the smallest odd abundant number.

Smallest … odd … abundant … number. Hilarious. Brilliant.

Thanks to Seth Godin for the link.

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Convergence or perfect

I just spent three weeks in Alberta with my wife’s family. While we were there her grandmother passed away. At and after the funeral we spent a lot of time marveling at the impact of that little lady’s life.

Invariably, …

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Grow your business: better, not bigger

Small businesses, gazelles, and large corporations all face enormous pressure to grow. This pressure exists whether or not growth is a good idea.

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I’ve been working, since the canoe trip this summer, to refine a few of the most important pieces I’ve written about on this site. These ideas are important to me as I seek to understand both my way forward and …

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In all its glory

Invest in knowing what perfect is and then spend the time to build it.

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When awkward is best

For small companies, awkwardness is an oft unappreciated asset.

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Revolution. With who?

Ralph Waldo Emerson, History:

“Every revolution was first a thought in one man’s mind, and when the same thought occurs to another man, it is the key to that era.”

What is your revolution? When will you give …

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Walk consciously, then leap.

From Henry David Thoreau’s journal:

“Find out as soon as possible what are the best things in your composition and then shape the rest to fit them. The former will be the midrib and veins of the leaf.

There …

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How would you be?

When you dream of an ideal space to do what you do best, what does it look like, sound like, and feel like?

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Reviewing profound

Time away brings introspection.

Long hours in a canoe give lots of room for thought.

While I sort through those ideas – here is a compilation of favourite ideas from the past. It’s a series of posts about purpose, perfection, …

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Killed by ninjas

Retro post #91

Great find by Johnnie Moore, John Kay’s article on Obliquity is excellent. Kay writes that goals are often best achieved when pursued indirectly – this is the idea of obliquity.

Like Johnnie it reminds me of …

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sift experiment … evolved

[posted January 16, 2006]

Below is the purpose I had for sift when I started this experiment.

I’m still all in on those ideas but I think the purpose is quickly evolving away from purely entrepreneurs and purely business. Just …

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All parables, all together

Compiling a list of lessons, this post presents a series of parables on entrepreneurism, perfect-for-purpose, and peerless innovation.

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Better for the effort

The consequence of absolute understanding? Perfect expression. Graceful execution.

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Without peer

A gracefully executed work has no peer.

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60-second pitch: The 10 point outline

Forsaking the metaphysical (1,2,3), today we get into the tangibles of a 60-second pitch. For this I leaned heavily on the advice of Bill Joss and an article in Fast Company called Perfecting Your

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Easy to love

Christopher Alexander just finished publishing a galloping 2,000 plus page treatise on design and living structures. There’s a small interview with him here.

Take away message: Uniqueness balances repetition.

Alexander talks about a tree full of leaves that is …

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