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Context of choice in impact investment

Impact investment means managing portfolios in addition to choosing individual investments.

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Precision – a manifesto for impact investment

Drive investment: deliver results, be precise, embrace complexity and create clarity.

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Crystalline integrity

Integrity is fragile, critical and expensive.

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Leverage brillance: embrace weakness

Problems are opportunities. What will crisis drive you to do?

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Bigham’s system

Strong process is core to small business success.

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Where bad became good

Drayton Valley is like many small Alberta towns except, its turning bad to good.

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Foundations for air castles

For impact investment to thrive, the castle needs a foundation.

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Three responses to recession

How pressing, playing the odds, and driving results changes the game.

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Overview of Business+Strategy Posts

This category covers issues in business and strategy for entrepreneurs, SMEs and large corporations.

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Convert core competencies for value creation

To enjoy consistently superior performance, you need to know where to focus your practice.

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Strategic fit of place

Strategic fit, between the character of place and local industries, increases investment success.

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The renaissance of old technologies (or the cost of new in innovation)

Seeking innovation in only new places means giving up on the value and principles intrinsic in old technologies.

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Terrior. Not frightening. Not a dog.

How the character of place influences and shapes everything it makes.

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Build simple tools. Honor complexity.

When we build tools for decision-makers, we follow two intentions: Build simple tools and honor complexity.

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“We can locate almost anyone for anyone anywhere, and we are ideologically promiscuous.”

– Louis, French informer, from the movie Munich, 2005

This site explores business, foresight, intelligence, metaphors, and, at times, the life of its author …

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How to do only that which you can do

How do we get started on a path to doing things that express our genius?

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“do only what you only can do”

It was hot. Having Chernobyl just a few hours away didn’t help.

I was lying on my back, slung between two seats in the bottom of the row boat. My self-appointed advisor sat sweating in the bow. His fat white …

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Synchronizing greatness

Here’s an unsolved riddle: How do we get the minds of widely dispersed, brilliant people to focus on critical problems/opportunities? How do we synchronize greatness?

Dave Pollard brought this up a few days ago. He writes:

“… we don’t need …

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Reviewing profound

Time away brings introspection.

Long hours in a canoe give lots of room for thought.

While I sort through those ideas – here is a compilation of favourite ideas from the past. It’s a series of posts about purpose, perfection, …

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dream job

To work with people that have embraced their brilliance. To work with people who are brilliant. People who intend to shine.

I want to work on innovation, creativity, and insight. I’m keen on educating for creativity and insight, creating markets …

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Blogs are like flashers; books are like strippers. And six other similes.

Blogs are like flashers; books are like strippers.

Blogs give only a glimpse of substance where a good book builds to full revelation. Blogs present a snapshot of an idea’s evolution; a book constructs the idea from its creation to

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Optimize the ride

Past, present, future: What of strategy?

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Better with less?

Malcolm Gladwell tells a story about symphony auditions. Until relatively recently, auditions required the player to walk out in front of the judges, sit down and perform. And while the pool of players was racially diverse and often included women, …

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Functional todo’s

Whilst lolling despondently on the sofa: “When will I start doing the things I am great at? I keep doing things that help me be greater.”

Good friend in from old places: “Maybe guys like you just keep growing and …

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All parables, all together

Compiling a list of lessons, this post presents a series of parables on entrepreneurism, perfect-for-purpose, and peerless innovation.

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VC without the C

I’ve been given several great career options recently. Two were particularly fetching:

1. Stay in government but raise the game to another level — Start helping the highest level bureaucrats identify, learn about, and build strategies on long-range issues facing …

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Return on design

Interesting piece on design. The return on investment pieces are worth the trip through the 1OO+ slides.

This what I’m looking in my search for the viral framework. Any other leads out there? Tag it here.…

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Another sift start-up

Decided life wasn’t full enough and tacked another start-up on the portfolio. A baby boy.

Huge initial investment but the pay-back is immediate. Fortunately it’s a growth industry with lots of potential. And it’s something my wife and I can …

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Copy cat

Update: Dr. Ronald S. Burt from the University of Chicago backs up everything written here and adds his idea about “structural holes” — the notion that people can find opportunities for creative thinking where there is no social structure. My

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When “Yes” is eventually followed by “Damn!”

Poor writing is traditionally the plague of academia. So glory is due Gal Zauberman (University of North Carolina) and John Lynch Jr. (Duke University) for a great problem statement: When “Yes” is eventually followed by “Damn!”

Zauberman and Lynch are …

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Has the train already left the station?

Hugh McLeod writes a hopeful piece about the future of corporate blogging:

We want the corporate tipping point to arrive for two main reasons:

1. It validates those of us who got in there early … in the belief that

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I’m in a strange pinch. I’ve got two opposing writing opportunities.

On one hand a regular newspaper article in the National Post that is supposed to be “punchy, witty and 100 words”.

One the other hand, an offer to write …

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abbr. resume

My name is Jeremy Heigh. I am a husband, father, son, brother, friend, reader, thinker, economist, investor, gamer, artist, writer, and young man.

I liked school and have three degrees. The last is an M.Sc. in environmental economics. I enjoy …

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Valuable knowledge is useful

The current state of Russia’s scientific community is a brilliant study of the power of purpose driven (or lack of) enterprise. In the 2 September 2004 issue of Nature they’ve included a brief glimpse into the Russian Academy of Science. …

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