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Synchronizing greatness

Here’s an unsolved riddle: How do we get the minds of widely dispersed, brilliant people to focus on critical problems/opportunities? How do we synchronize greatness?

Dave Pollard brought this up a few days ago. He writes:

“… we don’t need …

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The edge of greatness

Look across all “great” achievements and imagine what it was like to be on the verge of those things. Imagine the youthful, burning passion from which that accomplishment was borne.

Look across the spectrum of actions and decisions and sacrifices …

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Preempting wicked problems

Were wicked problems once wicked goods. What flipped?

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Loaded for battleships; firing without reason

In what ways will you do which things that change what course to what end?

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Foundations for air castles

For impact investment to thrive, the castle needs a foundation.

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Loaded for seagull, built for battleships

Two essential decisions lie between you and greatness.

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Old news, new news

“sift” isn’t new. The company started about the same time as this website (circa 2006). That’s the old news.

New news: We’re now at this full-time. Have been since November 2007. And we are so grateful to say that business …

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Creating tailor-made companies

I keep running into amazing people. Each one stuck in a job that uses a tiny part of what they're great at. Here's a plan to use a bit more.

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I’ve been working, since the canoe trip this summer, to refine a few of the most important pieces I’ve written about on this site. These ideas are important to me as I seek to understand both my way forward and …

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