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You&Co: Foundation Series

I’d like to start working through some parallels between entrepreneurs and corporate/bureaucratic types.

Before extending the role of any aspiring corporate player, there’s something to be said about the foundation that it’s built on — a common paradigm needs to …

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People first. Marketers … later.

I’ve hit a snag with the Foundation Series. It reads like crap.

I’m still wobbly on what I ought to say so I default to obfuscation. Orwell said it best, “The great enemy of clear language is insincerity.” I’m …

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Non-business business book list: a list for business thinkers

Non-business books can teach us a lot about business.

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Overview of Business+Strategy Posts

This category covers issues in business and strategy for entrepreneurs, SMEs and large corporations.

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Key ways story-arcs change business strategy

The best writers arc their stories to intriguing and unexpected ends. Can we arc businesses too?

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Reviewing profound

Time away brings introspection.

Long hours in a canoe give lots of room for thought.

While I sort through those ideas – here is a compilation of favourite ideas from the past. It’s a series of posts about purpose, perfection, …

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Yes (and other lies): Know thy enemy

Every new seat at the power table must weather the intense scrutiny of all ordained power holders.

Perched precariously between a growing power holder and the ensconced, legacy power holders – every neophyte endures just one important question: Are you …

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Dollars and scents: Bagging the loot

To get inside with a power holder: see where they are vulnerable.

To see where they are vulnerable: stop watching them.

Just as you stopped watching the speaker, now stop watching the obvious power holder. Hiding behind a quiet façade …

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Dollars and scents: Picking the lock

The fledgling power holder is continually distracted by the need to build more.

That’s why they’re so negligent. They are looking way up above them and don’t see what’s happening where they are. This leaves them vulnerable, though they usually …

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Dollars and scents: Debt and investing

Debt is easier to generate than equity. This is as true for corporate-types as it is for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs always max out their lines of credit. Max out yours.

In this case your credit is bandwidth. The time and resources …

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Dollars and scents: Know your banker

The first job of every entrepreneur or corporate dilettante is to know your banker.

The mistake made by entrepreneurs is assuming their key resource is ideas. And corporate-types always mistakenly assume it’s knowledge.

For entrepreneurs the key resource is cash. …

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Potent principles

Teach people to listen to their own tastes. Most people don't do it.

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