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Collective intelligence

From Les invasions barbares (2003):

“Intelligence isn’t an individual trait. It’s collective, national, and intermittent.

Athens, BC – Euripides premieres his Electra. Two rivals attend, Sophocles and Aristophanes. And two friends, Socrates and Plato.
Intelligence was there.

Firenze, Palazzo

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Old news, new news

“sift” isn’t new. The company started about the same time as this website (circa 2006). That’s the old news.

New news: We’re now at this full-time. Have been since November 2007. And we are so grateful to say that business …

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Gatherings that changed the world

From wikipedia on the Slovay Conference:

“Perhaps the most famous conference was the October 1927 Fifth Solvay International Conference on Electrons and Photons, where the world’s most notable physicists met to discuss the newly formulated quantum theory. The leading

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Twitter tested, top two-week links

Most popular links, based on twitter account stats.

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Experiencing insight: which comes first, age or beauty?

Can a group of eclectic and divergent innovators pick winners in ways "experienced" veterans can't? Is experience all it's made out to be when the game is new ventures?

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Forget tailor-made, just get it second-hand.

In an offline note a good friend challenges the concept of new, tailor-made companies. Instead he asks, “What about companies that need tailors … companies that need a new dress, ugly companies, those ones that need new shoes … …

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Creating tailor-made companies

I keep running into amazing people. Each one stuck in a job that uses a tiny part of what they're great at. Here's a plan to use a bit more.

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Synchronizing greatness

Here’s an unsolved riddle: How do we get the minds of widely dispersed, brilliant people to focus on critical problems/opportunities? How do we synchronize greatness?

Dave Pollard brought this up a few days ago. He writes:

“… we don’t need …

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Invoking innovation: moving beyond serendipity

Innovative brilliance is fortuitous. It's an accident. The challenge is moving beyond serendipity and to intention.

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