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Deliberate attention to presence

Every moment is the last we will ever have.

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What changes if all we intend to give, is given now, instead of the future?

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Loaded for seagull, built for battleships

Two essential decisions lie between you and greatness.

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Three ways rituals change business

Which rituals for business would remind us of what matters most?

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The future of now

What you anticipate in the future is a product of your past and everything you count meaningful right now.

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Concrete straightjacket

This summer’s canoe trip was, for the most part, a fairly placid experience. Smooth water, subdued weather, genial wildlife.

But there is a stretch of river where things get pretty inspired. Rounding a corner the river suddenly picks up its …

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Time management

From the Thoreau blog:

“Nature never makes haste; her systems revolve at an even pace. The bud swells imperceptibly, without hurry or confusion, as though the short spring days were an eternity. All her operations seem separately for the time,

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Wholemindedness: The brilliance of an unfettered mind

Time management's greatest gift is wholemindedness.

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What question lies at the heart of your work?

In Presence: Human purpose and the field of the future, Peter Senge and others asked leading scientists and business and social entrepreneurs, “What question lies at the heart of your work?”

Jumps out out at you eh?

Makes you …

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