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Attending intention

By becoming present, focusing on moments exerts enormous attention.

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Creating art and creating brilliant business can be a long, tedious process. But both require a set of intentions instead of a series of responses.

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Intentional conversations

While I’m busy fooling around with book lists, Dave Pollard’s dropping gems. He’s not only framed-up my initial idea but already started putting on the drywall. I guess that’s what you get for sharing ideas with bright guys.

I …

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Pinnacles and plains

Stop bleeding brilliance. Find a pinnacle. Climb together.

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Precision – a manifesto for impact investment

Drive investment: deliver results, be precise, embrace complexity and create clarity.

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Loaded for seagull, built for battleships

Two essential decisions lie between you and greatness.

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The ‘in’ and ‘no’ of innovation management

Business innovation starts on the inside. And, more often than not, it begins with No instead of Yes.

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Build simple tools. Honor complexity.

When we build tools for decision-makers, we follow two intentions: Build simple tools and honor complexity.

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Why the back-side of innovation matters

Innovation gets an awful lot of attention these days. But most of the fanfare is focused on starting new things. What about finishing? Who's got that job?

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De-patterning: refining the first stage of thought

After finishing New World, New Mind I was convinced of two things. First, more attention is needed around staging our thinking processes. Second, the authors didn’t had no idea how to do it.

So, while Cuban waves tickled the beach, …

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Set up your mind for better decisions

Our ability to understand issues is increasing exponentially but our mental hardwiring isn't being upgraded. We understand more every day but instinctively respond to events like monkeys.

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Invoking innovation: moving beyond serendipity

Innovative brilliance is fortuitous. It's an accident. The challenge is moving beyond serendipity and to intention.

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I’ve been working, since the canoe trip this summer, to refine a few of the most important pieces I’ve written about on this site. These ideas are important to me as I seek to understand both my way forward and …

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Observing our moments instead of the future

Might seeking a future be short-sighted if it keeps us from seeing where we are?

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I am …

A good friend and I were chatting about personal branding, it started with the regular hoopla: posture, piercings, language, work ethic, body odour, etc. Gradually we got to talking about how we perceive ourselves and how we each perceive the …

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dream job

To work with people that have embraced their brilliance. To work with people who are brilliant. People who intend to shine.

I want to work on innovation, creativity, and insight. I’m keen on educating for creativity and insight, creating markets …

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Making my name

There’s an unobservable line between ambition and growth. Where movement can be too early, just right, or too late. When does growth stop and stagnation take over? When is a switch premature?

I don’t think the answer is outside us. …

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Pitching, flipping, and pinging – forgotten principles

Before pitching, or flipping, try pinging.

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Bahauddin’s flower

Bahauddin, the father of Rumi:

When I deeply know my senses, I feel in them the way to God and the purpose of living:

Look at this surprising flower
which cannot be seen, and yet
its fragrance cannot be

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Principles of being

Live intentionally in this moment. Become all you've struggled to be.

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Planning: Goals versus resolutions

"To-do" versus "To-be"

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Not for us.

It is too easy to grow desperate.

As though life were a hill. The greasy floor of the slaughter house. At the bottom lies the gaping maw of desperate living, foul choices, and black thoughts.

It seems so but isn’t …

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Dollars and scents: Bagging the loot

To get inside with a power holder: see where they are vulnerable.

To see where they are vulnerable: stop watching them.

Just as you stopped watching the speaker, now stop watching the obvious power holder. Hiding behind a quiet façade …

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Dollars and scents: Picking the lock

The fledgling power holder is continually distracted by the need to build more.

That’s why they’re so negligent. They are looking way up above them and don’t see what’s happening where they are. This leaves them vulnerable, though they usually …

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Slow design

My days are a blur of chaos.  Too many new things. 

New son.  New house.  New city.  New job.  New friends.

I don’t mind the pace … usually.  But just the idea of slow makes me realize how fast I’m …

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Three ingredients for change: talkers, wallflowers, and movers

I love conferences.

There’s no better example of how dedicated we are to ignoring everyone else. Conferences are even better than meetings because we actually pay to be there. We pay for speakers to come just so we can ignore …

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Three ingredients in a leader

Beyond bellowing bunters and mussed hair, what makes a good leader? Who draws in the cash when everyone else is furiously writing proposals?

Three must-haves: trustworthy, deeply knowledgeable, and all-in.

1. Being trustworthy covers a multitude of sins. A mistake …

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Innovation: tactics and strategies

While I haven’t been posting at all, I have kept up on my reading. This post by Dave Pollard is worth noting.

Dave has an incredible capacity for synthesis and generating copious insights across a wide range of areas. The …

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Pitching, flipping, and pinging

Not too long ago I wrote a series of posts on pitching. It was mostly for my own sake that I put those pieces together — I wanted to better understand what pitching actually meant and where it was …

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Complexity challenge

I’ve written before on the cross-over from science into business and cited with gushing enthusiasm the insights of Edward O. Wilson. I’ve just finished reading Veran Allee’s book the Future of Knowledge. Her book is a pretty good …

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Party like a rockstar

When I was in university I used to love swinging by this guy’s site: Analog Cereal. He was on this quest to “party like a rock star”. I’ve never wanted to be a rock star – but the party …

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