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Top ten reasons to never pay for foresight

How to avoid getting scammed by foresight vendors.

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Context of choice in impact investment

Impact investment means managing portfolios in addition to choosing individual investments.

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Precision – a manifesto for impact investment

Drive investment: deliver results, be precise, embrace complexity and create clarity.

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Three responses to recession

How pressing, playing the odds, and driving results changes the game.

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“We can locate almost anyone for anyone anywhere, and we are ideologically promiscuous.”

– Louis, French informer, from the movie Munich, 2005

This site explores business, foresight, intelligence, metaphors, and, at times, the life of its author …

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Key ways story-arcs change business strategy

The best writers arc their stories to intriguing and unexpected ends. Can we arc businesses too?

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Old news, new news

“sift” isn’t new. The company started about the same time as this website (circa 2006). That’s the old news.

New news: We’re now at this full-time. Have been since November 2007. And we are so grateful to say that business …

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Doula for start-ups

We used a labour coach. Maybe your company needs one too?

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abbr. resume

My name is Jeremy Heigh. I am a husband, father, son, brother, friend, reader, thinker, economist, investor, gamer, artist, writer, and young man.

I liked school and have three degrees. The last is an M.Sc. in environmental economics. I enjoy …

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