dream job

To work with people that have embraced their brilliance. To work with people who are brilliant. People who intend to shine.

I want to work on innovation, creativity, and insight. I’m keen on educating for creativity and insight, creating markets for social solutions, and leveraging our vast wealth of technology – all divergent, all related. Any one will do … for starts.

I want to be invited to ask critical questions. I want clarity regardless of the implications. The first question will always be: “What is perfect?” Everything will be derived from this intention.

My work will be about connecting fragments. Tying threads. Coupling innovations with people that need them. Thinking big. Getting the broad sense. Getting goose bumps and tingling back-of-the-neck hair at possibilities. Putting things together that ‘go’. Sensing matches. Tossing out clashes. Unless clashes are better than matches.

This work will leverage:

– my ability to see possibilities and structure real, big, fast investments that deliver on those possibilities.

– my strength in listening, communicating, and translating complex concepts for simple application.

– my sense of the future built on an education in environmental economics and experience in policy development for some of the world’s most important and complicated issues.

And it will be done with people who can read all this and recognize how rare, how important, and how priceless this intention actually is. If this sings for you, I’d like to hear about what you’ve got in mind. Drop me a note.

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