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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

This summer feels so dark.

I was just out on the deck, getting a minute of morning sun. It used to be such a glorious way to start the day. This year it feels like mud.

I’m surprised to feel that way. Maybe it’s the work – we’re raging busy in Saskatchewan. Maybe it’s the kids – still nearly no sleep. Maybe it’s my glasses…

I got transition lenses this Spring. They go dark in the sun. I thought it was a nifty idea. No more awkward glasses case. No trading suns for shades. A great idea but, it turns out, it costs you your summers.

I’ve spent the last two months wandering around in a photosynthetic cloud. The world’s been a shade darker the entire time. And I’ve only consciously recognized its impact just now. Crazy right?

But, is it that crazy? Do you think of things from that direction? How much of what you choose and do is shaded by filters? How often to you take your day neat – nothing added, nothing taken off the top? How do you know what it costs to receive reality through the channels you use daily?

I’ve missed a whole summer and had no idea why. Silly me.


I think you can have too much neat reality sometimes. I’ve been having the opposite problem to you recently: a few filters would be welcome.

A good read as ever, Jeremy. Thanks.