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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Here are the top links for my twitter account over the last week or so. This leverages Twitter offer to test, in real-time, the virility of ideas:

10 Web trends to watch in 2010 — Use of real-time data, geo-spatial data applications, augmented reality, content curation, cloud computing, social gaming, and privacy scarcity.

Related to the post above: 16 top augmented reality business models — One of the roadblocks to innovation based on real-time data is business models. Interesting ideas on how to play this game.

Bacteria offer insights into human decision-making — Bacteria collectively weigh and initiate different strategies. Suggests new insight on how humans make decisions that impact health, wealth and fate of others.

Analysis catalysis — IDEO and Roger Martin see link between “design thinking” and solutions to wicked problems.

Why introverts can make the best leaders — Introverts tend to think first (talk later), focus on depth, and exude calm.

What will change everything? — The Edge posts the question, 151 thinkers give answers. Interesting responses from Chris Anderson, Yochai Benkler, Stewart Brand, M. Csikszentmilhalyi, Richard Dawkins, Aubrey de Grey, Brian Eno, Juan Enriquez, Neil Gershenfeld, Stuart Kauffman, Kevin Kelly, Paul Saffo, Peter Schwartz, Robert Shapiro, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Craig Venter.

Intelligence and analytics to of mind for 83% of CIOs + Background information on IBM’s acquisition of SPSS Inc. to provide predictive analytics — Analytics of internet-enabled data is exploding in opportunities and potential to enable decisions in spite of increasing complexity.

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