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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Wicked good is every kid and any ecosystem. It’s a wild horse. An untamed river.

Wicked good is complexity before it is complicated. It’s slippery, difficult to define and tough to embrace. It is:

1. Never understood.
2. Best accompanied by action.
3. Better (more complex) over time. Movement starts a virtuous cascade. Complexity grows as resources are added.
4. A problem if ignored.

Wicked good precedes wicked bad. It’s an early warning system–like a crabby child–of something brilliant on the verge of malevolent.

I collect wicked problems–the malignant, vicious, tricky (like a leprechaun) problems of planning. I love the forgotten, the escapees, the reverted. I follow feral.

But, I’ve also come to cherish the subtle, sophisticated, finespun art of building before bad. I want to collect it too. It is example and metaphor. It is an anchor–evidence of where we can, should and will, be.

I want the tangle and the labyrinth.

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