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Articles in our business and strategy category focus on innovation, planning, entrepreneurism and, of course, business and strategy. Issues range from small business planning to business intelligence systems for large corporations.

Key new posts that represent our current thinking in this area include:

The renaissance of old technologies (or the cost of new in innovation): How low-tech is a rich source of innovation.
Grow your business: better, not bigger: Why investing in better hardly ever means bigger.
Creating tailor-made companies: Why stacking on brilliance is the best possible investment.

By far the most popular posts written in this category are the step-by-step, nine-post series on pitching and pinging:

1+7 Steps to pitching an idea: How to create, scope, structure, refine, and pitch an idea. And, as a bonus, what to do if it fails.
13+ questions for pitchers: Questions each entrepreneur should answer before creating a pitch.
Put the pitch together: Sorting out all the detail created by answering the 13 questions listed above.
60-second pitch: The 10 point outline: Ten tips to outline the pitch.
60-second pitch: The first 10 seconds: Investing ten seconds to make them want 50 more.
60-second pitch: The three biggest mistakes: Have a purpose, be interesting and get ready.
Presenting the bigger small picture: 5 minutes to present key nuances of business plans.
The overview: Key issues to cover in full-blown business plan presentations.
Pitching, flipping and pinging: Where pitching is you talking for business; pinging is you listening for business.

Another popular set are the Blue Ocean Strategy posts:

When sharks visit your blue ocean: A quick glimpse of the choice at hand.
Blue Ocean Strategy: The one sentence overview.
The best sort of blue: The best of Blue Ocean Strategy.
When blue oceans turn purple: The low-end of Blue Ocean Strategy.
Blue ocean revival: New interest in Blue Ocean process and discipline.

The most important tags used in this category are:

Entrepreneurism: Making innovation useful.
Innovation: Applying ideas.
Strategy: Choosing among options.
Planning: Stepping out of strategy.
Principles: Timeless foundations of business.
Investment: Leveraging a little to gain more.
Governance: Guiding brilliant people.

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