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Thanks Stephen. People matter too. Absolutely.

In our work we looked (briefly) at entrepreneur networks – particularly entrepreneurs working where they grew up. For this kind of entrepreneur, people in their personal network matter a great deal.

We wondered though about phenomena like Silicon Valley – a place where many people go because of the people there but not necessarily the strength of their own personal networks.

An interesting addition to the work would be to compare networks+place versus capabilities+place where networks are personal and capabilities, while people-centric, are general. Which matters most?

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Interesting thoughts. I really do think that the commitment to stay in one place makes a difference. It would be interesting to look at the success/performance of companies after they had moved from the cities/towns they launched in vs. those that stayed (thinking of Boeings move to Chicago from Seattle at the moment). Making and stating a commitment brings a level of resolve from the community at large (whether it be unions, vendors, government etc) to help make the company a success. As soon as place becomes negotiable, not only are we (or the company) not as committed to making it work, the community doesnt provide the same level of support for success.

Thought you would be interested in the article below – was just published yesterday, so interesting timing.

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Thanks Kevin. That’s a great article.

The challenge is, as they say in the article, getting real commitment to cooperation. Everyone wants the advantages, no one wants to give up their own priorities.

It’s a real riddle. One I can’t answer. Yet.

But, all the above is outside the point of my post. I agree, making and stating a commitment is key. It’s got to be reputation based. The community should respond to these “commitments” by thinking hard about whether such statements stick. If there’s no way to truly impact the reputation of the company, if the company abandons their commitment, I don’t think the community should trust these statements.

Big companies try to take these positions all the time. Trouble is, they leave whenever they have to and they’re too big for it to make much difference if the community rises up against the breach.

Unless there’s something tangible at stake, decisions must move beyond commitment-based issues.

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[…] Whenever I read about complex adaptive systems, I keep thinking about the danger of over-optimization and the impossibility of perfection … The takeaway: be very careful how you define your systems, environments and goals; incentives, influences and social proof are very powerful forces. Remember, change or be changed […]

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[…] 75-indicator set of metrics and indexes to measure Jurisdictional Advantage. It’s a tool that assesses the character of place – the strengths and weaknesses of business and the regions where they […]

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[…] just built an analytical tool for spotting brilliance. Advantage Assessment creates a rigorous, evidence-based view of real, tangible, regional strengths. It will point to the few things a place can do really well. We’re talking with Central to […]

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