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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

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We started a contest.

To get a new logo, we’re using 99designs – a site that aggregates crowd-sourced designs.

So far there are 40-some entries and a handful of really good alternatives.

I’d love it if you took a look, listed your top three favourites and gave the reason for your choices. See our briefing notes for things we asked the designers to think about.

Please don’t limit your choices to perfectly finished designs. Those with an excellent idea or nuance are good for now. Perfect for purpose will follow.

Thanks to any and all that choose to share their thoughts. If you’re shy, please feel free to email me.


Hi Jeremy,

I like Serene’s ideas (#48 and #55) – the clean graphics contrast nicely with the font, and the graphic in #48 fits with what you do.

#43 for similar reasons.

It’s quite hard looking through so many logos: they all begin to look the same after a while. Not sure if any particularly stand out.


Thanks Leon.

For everyone else – Leon is our deeply appreciated web-designer. His personal blog is an ever-changing exhibit of his work.

He’s a huge fan of deliberately picked design elements. The result is often under-stated and elegant – never shocking. For a sophisticated, highly refined use of WordPress, I could find no better.

If you want some more specific feedback, email me.

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