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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Henry David Thoreau:

It would be worth while,
once for all,
fairly and cleanly
to tell how we are to be used,

as vendors of Lucifer matches

send directions in the envelope,
both how light may be
readily procured
and no accident happen

to the user.

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Well, since you asked:
-go back to the teachings and wisdom of your youth and review them with the perspective of an adult and husband and father
-learn and understand the religious traditions of other faiths and integrate them to your life, and pick up another tool of influence to be used later
-ensure that every day your wife, the witness of your life, is happy that she married you.
-work toward financial independance as soon as possible, and wait for instructions..history is made by the battles of good millionaires vs bad, and the army of the good millionaires will need your help.
-get involved to support Harper…he is an imporant force for good in the world