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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Life bulges with banality. Quantifiers like unanimous, majority, and average somehow dominate decisions. If it’s at least above middle, then it’s worth doing.

Even vices like poker and tatoos can finally trumpet their triumph at conquering the middle-class. Yet, would these vices have become popular if they were vices first? Does exclusivity breed intrique?

Are Ughs hot because they are ugly and expensive? Is scotch interesting because there’s only a few distilleries, it’s limited to Scotland, and the good stuff costs more than your groceries? Is first class sweetest because we’ve never been there?

Isn’t there something marvelous about a consultant charging $1,650 an hour? Doesn’t the absurdity actually attract you?

Why then do we choose average when we’d rather nibble on insane? Why fight for unanimous when just one (and barely one) is where we’d rather be?

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