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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

A fox came to visit yesterday. The first I’d ever seen outside a zoo.

A cascade of red, white, and nearly blue color – she poured down the hill. Her hair glistened, rolling with her tiny muscles.

She trotted along the fence line toward the front yard only to come back a few seconds later. Skirting the edge of the house, she walked right under my feet where I stood in the bay window overlooking the back. Her little ears twittering around, collecting sounds like children collect marbles.

This morning I see a new set of tracks. She’s been back. A new trail down the fence, a detour to the mountain ash, and back through the gap in the spruce.

Find a fox in a city and something thrilling takes bloom. It’s not just the relief of knowing we haven’t utterly gutted this place of life, it’s almost magical.

The city is so dark, faithless, and menacing. It gets easy to hide out in front of the TV worrying that evil wanders the streets. Not so, it turns out that foxes do. So do pixies, gnomes, and giant jolly slugs.

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