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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

When you dream of an ideal space to do what you do best, what does it look like, sound like, and feel like? What is done there? Who is with you? Does it look like this?

A white-blue sky. Clouds rise, billowing into the heights. Far off, a single bird wheels above clear, green water. On either side are tall cedars and spruce. They stand at the water’s edge, brooding over the forgotten years and bending to glance thoughtfully at the waves. The waves slip up to kiss their feet and spill tiny energy into the earth.

Overlooking the beach are massive windows, standing on the stone-built foundation and climbing through rough hewn cedar walls. The high windows shine back the clarity of this clean, pure place. Inside people are working; laughter pours out — slipping through an open window. A piano’s song ripples into the morning air. In the room are friends and partners. Wise people with learned pasts. Seasoned men who have touched the edge of the world and still chosen home. Women whose eyes bespeak unforgotten childhood and unbridled ambition. And among the adults children play — our own and a few who have lost too much.

Deep at the back of the property an axe cracks into dry blocks of wood. Horses and sheep dot the rolling meadow. Green fills every breath and cold air whispers of untouched valleys.

This is a place where souls and ideas heal. Where grace and decision meet. Where thought and action are at peace.

The world rests at the edge of knowing — unending and incessant but unbidden. Like a happy puppy or a raging bull — it waits beyond the door. Everyday, for just a few hours, the door is thrown open and the torrent pours in — an avalanche down the mountain. We stand before it, netting truth, finding gaps, changing knowing. We see the changes and set them up on the hooks of our rhythm. We find those peaks of meaning that evade the unconsidered life. We are voyagers of knowledge, pioneers of wild and untamed data — buccaneers of an information age.

In the basement banks of computers pour through data, find trends, and note the ebb and flow of attention. Software compiles it all and highlights changes. Every morning all this is noted and discussed. Each day we write about those things we see. We touch these things as a painter touches canvass, as a carpenter touches ebony, as the sculptor touches ivory. We are artists of knowing.

From us pours the riches of tailored knowledge. Weaving through disordered knowing, we thread together a garment to be worn by CEOs, policy makers, presidents and prime ministers. We create suits of knowing to be worn in the office of decision.

This rare gift is made more rare. A million shares are sold and only the shareholders will know. A scarcity refined. A secret society of publicly traded access.

And into this knowing we invite the most difficult tasks, people with the ugliest and darkest change to create — the intoxicating mix of significance and chaos. These people step into this peace wearing a mantel of corporate pride, political will, bureaucratic won’t and desperate hope. Into this peace they bring their chaos. Into the room creeps the dark stench of hate, arrogance, and fiendish selfishness. Apathy and unbridled ignorance ride in like dragons.

Bringing together our selves and our knowledge, we are as scalpels. With the delicate care of a surgeon, we sever rotting indecision from the bright new growth of understanding. We create art amongst the refuse of unconsidered existence.

Those who came as refugees leave as rulers. In this way we share — we live as benevolent mercenaries.

But on the edges (and every day is full of edges), we find the moments where brilliance emerges as opportunity and we ourselves must make the change. Into this gap we throw ourselves as miners, as spelunkers, as archaeologists of forgotten solutions. Librarians of unremembered discovery. We unearth the solutions of our past – where nothing is new and everything has been forgotten. From us and through us are created organizations built as we are built. Places that leverage passion, wisdom, and brilliance. Businesses tailored to the people within them.

Our work is an invitation. Each action an invitation to perfection. Each discussion an invitation to brilliance. Our members are hand-picked, chosen for their insights and their differences. Each has a genius the rest deeply respect. For each of us there are weaknesses that only the rest can support. It is a group where each can live unfettered and ungoverned.

Ours is an organization that melds the future’s need with the past’s design through the wisdom and passion of individuals uniquely gifted and specifically chosen to create companies tailored to the purpose and brilliance of the people inside them.

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