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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

It’s been surprising how much people have resonated with the canoe trip stories. Not just the “week away” part … actually, not that part at all.

Interest has been in the expression of that trip. The emerging strength of the experience. They want raw.

I only noticed because my wife would like to go somewhere warm next month. Somewhere with beaches, nice rooms, and inclusive drinks. Mexico, Bahamas, etc.

As conversation rolls toward the warm trip listeners sort of relax, settle down in their chairs, close their eyes, and sigh. They say things about how much they’d like that, or how nice that must be, or how they need a break.

But bring up the canoe trip – describe the first bald eagle splitting the sky and refer to that young bull moose crashing into the lake – people wake up. They lean forward, their eyes start to shine, and they begin to smile with fierce, teeth-baring intensity. They clench their hands, often jump up at the end to stand as tall and straight as they can with their arms above their heads, they kick at imaginary rocks and wander around.

Everyone ends up talking about how important those experiences are. They say its something to do but their not talking about needing a break. Its an action they need to take.

How is it that we are so keenly aware of our need to have movement in our lives? What is it we have traded up for that keeps us sitting at our desks? What does it cost the world to have the minds of its most affluent populations slothing through the slag of inactivity? How can I change my life so I sit less than four hours daily but still deliver on the same levels professionally?

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