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So, I’ve been fiddling lately. Toying really. Poking and prodding. Dilly-dallying. A bit itchy actually. I’d like to play a little. Something related to biomimicry I think.

Biomimicry or biomimetics is the study and imitation of nature. Taking inspiration for natural design and processes. Extracting learning from nature (rather than just resources).

I’d like to play with any of these issues: waste management (preferably municipal), water treatment, or energy efficiency.

But it’s important to me that, when describing the play, one must say “like a ____” where the blank is filled with some natural phenomenon or mechanism that is both a metaphor and a real-life example of what is being done. For example: “Cleans water like … the Florida Everglades” or “Creates and secretes specific enzymes like … a fungus” or “Maintains temperature like … a termite nest” etc. Because the story is as important as the mechanism … this is business after all.

Here’s what I can put on the table (from the top down):
– Am currently an VC-like investor in bioproducts (using agriculture commodities and waste streams to create products), biomimicry is a natural step. I understand how to get deals done and know who to work with.
– Have eight years worth of networking in this space. I know a few people.
– Have a unique, broad sense of the world. Most recently coming from a spot as a senior policy advisor on international economic issues (spent a bit of time at the OECD table representing Canada). I have an understanding (albeit superficial) of what the rest of the world is watching.
– While advising on national issues, I was advising entrepreneurs. Well, more like asking insightful questions so they could advise themselves. Anyway, point is, at the federal level things were very abstract and at the entrepreneurial level things were very practical.
– Have got a great educational background with an MSc in environmental economics, a BA in economics (of which three years was biology before I made the switch), and an AA in international studies. And I’ve continued to learn and broaden my education since finishing school.
– Am observant, insightful, and curious. I have a keen business sense, proven over a wide variety of experiences. I speak up. And I get things done.

The role I’d like to have: My great ability is refining innovation. I’d be interested in attaching this opportunity to all the other fragmented but related parts to really make it sing. But, I understand that anything that is getting started mostly just needs legs. Structuring deals, refining business plans, translating the opportunity, chatting up bigwigs, general research, turning wrenches – I’m into that.

If you’re onto anything like this or just starting to fiddle with something that looks like this and you want to chat – send me a note. Preferably you’d be in Alberta, Canada … even better you’d be close to Edmonton. But really, it doesn’t matter much that way. The only hitch is that this can’t use agriculture as an input (conflict of interest) and, of course, I’ve got a real job I need to take care of.

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