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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

A good friend and I were chatting about personal branding, it started with the regular hoopla: posture, piercings, language, work ethic, body odour, etc. Gradually we got to talking about how we perceive ourselves and how we each perceive the other. That got interesting. It’s surprisingly difficult to make explicit and vocal how I want to be seen and how I am seen.

If much of our reality is a consequence of our own mental images, it strikes me that tuning up our own personal brands on a regular basis is important. To get an intentional read on how I see myself and, from those I trust, a sense of what I’m communicating to others.

Today the same friend writes to ask if I’d kick around his tag line. He actually wrote out that subconscious byline that’s been running through his head. That sentence each of us use to describe ourselves. Not many are so intentional.

Anyway, having read his first draft, I could instantly see it’d be a worthwhile exercise.

For cheap thrills, here’s mine: I am a synthesist, seeking conscilience across unconnected intelligence and interpreting complex wholes to inspire refined innovation.


If you like, go ahead and throw yours up in the comments. Never know, maybe you’re just what someone else has been searching for. If you’re brave enough, include a link to your site too.

Post script (03/08/06): Same friend writes back to suggest the above tagline is a bit lofty, especially for the average VC or entrepreneur on the street. Graciously he offered the following:

I synthesize diverse views and concepts with insightful perception to build entirely new understanding.

And another thing: The tagline’s got to be pointed at a specific audience too, right? What’s lofty for some might be bang on for others … not at all suggesting that the initial attempt above isn’t too lofty regardless of the audience.

So, that said, I’d suggest that right now I’m targeting decision makers and entrepreneurs with this tagline. Might be fun to make one for this blog specifically. Any suggestions?

Post script (07/18/07): How about this – I am a filter. I clear thinking and ideas of their noise and place them in their useful order.

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Hi Jeremy

Nice blog. My thoughts on your tag line are that they are a bunch of big words with one important ingredient missing: passion. In other words they dont speak to my soul and from the little I’ve picked up since I started reading your blog, this seems to go against the grain.

Hope this is useful and keep up the good work.


Thanks Stephen. I really appreciate the comment. I think you’re right.

It’s so hard to do. That’s why I thought it was worthwhile. Being honest, while describing myself, in a single sentence – tough work.

Check out the post script I added to the post today – what do you think? I wrote back in response to his suggestion with the following:

“I synthesize concepts and fragmented bits to reveal wholeness, new ways of
understanding opportunities.”


It’s hard to make it tight and still maintain some passion.

What would you suggest?

Hi Jeremy

Yes definitely getting better all the time :) I prefer the third option in your comment back to me.

It is a very difficult job! I tried the same with the company I manage and it runs along a similar vein to your personal tag, if a little longer:
netoCiety acts as a trusted agent on behalf of the customer. While software and technology can amplify reach and capabilities, we are built around human beings harnessing the power of these tools in delivering agent-based services to customers. We help expand horizons by:

* Sorting through the growing array of options
* Introducing resources that matter based on a deep understanding of customer interests and needs.

Think trusted advisors rather than transaction facilitators!

Scope for simplification I’m sure!!!

Thanks again Stephen. I’ll let mine rest a bit. Allow the subconscious to have a run at it.

I guess there’s two points related to this intention that are relevant to what you’ve posted. First, this is a tagline about me. Not my company. The idea is personal branding. Second, the chore is to make it natural enough and simple enough that it can roll out in a casual conversation.

That said, I agree, there’s scope for simplification in what you’ve posted. How does this feel?

Preface – There is lots of technology for every conceivable need – maybe too much.

Tag – netoCiety helps people find the most powerful technology and teaches them how to harness its power.

Specifics – We work on behalf of customers to define needs, sort alternatives, and implement technologies.”

Hi Jeremy. On your first point, yes I was aware we were dealing with different entities but I think the process is similar, certainly with regards to your second point and you have done an excellent job at simplifying, distilling and categorizing the initial netoCiety message.

Well done and many thanks!

Good luck with your efforts – I’ll be tracking closely in the event that you share progress :-)