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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Ever looked at your CEO? Ever watched the Prime Minister when he isn’t speaking? I don’t mean: glanced at his shoes or hair style. I mean really looked – actually observed.

Did you see her eyes darting around the room, searching the faces for meaning? She was terrified. Did you see him shift uncomfortably in his chair? He wasn’t sure he really knew what the conversation was about.'Dissertation Sur La Glace' Jean Jacques d'Ortous de Mairan 1749

Did you recognize yourself in her eyes? You should, you were there – we all are. CEOs, Deputy Ministers, world leaders are people. Same fears. Same uncertainty. Same risks. Trouble is: they’re not allowed to be.

One of the jobs I was offered, before leaving the federal government, was a chance to help Deputy Ministers learn to do their job. And a task to help them see the future and provide an environment away from their tremendous responsibilities – to give them a place where they were allowed to not know.

My dream? To create a space where these people can be people. I’d love to bring them to a place bigger than any of their decisions. Where an ocean, or massive mountain, or raging river stands in juxtaposition to the aching uncertainty they face. Strong, massive, unending … these cornerstones of nature run untouched by the turmoil we fight in our hearts. There is nothing on the planet more potent than bigness and silence to settle a anxious soul.

I’d like to give those as gifts to the people who change the world.

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