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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Look across all “great” achievements and imagine what it was like to be on the verge of those things. Imagine the youthful, burning passion from which that accomplishment was borne.

Look across the spectrum of actions and decisions and sacrifices that finally led to that single, glorious finale.

And then look inside yourself to see what it is about greatness that sings for you.

If you long to be great for the single shinning moment, visit this link. Each building is a monument to someone’s passion for greatness. Every single one of these architects has been forgotten by time.

It is not our achievements that make us great. It is what we must be to achieve them that is important.

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“It is what we must be to achieve them that is important.”

Yes, great, inspiring. Many people have discovered that treasure over the centuries and I think it is those people that have uncovered treasures in the soil of life.
Thanks, Jer, for fighting to discover the beauty that is here, in this world, created for you to find. The treasures that I have discovered in life are few but it is that pursuit and discovery that seems to be becoming my purpose. And maybe it is ours.
For us to choose to discover “light”, to touch it in life is to step passed our failure and weakness and find what was intended. I have started a discussion on this very thing at the genius workshop. Thanks for digging.


Thanks Dustin. I’ll check out the workshop discussion.