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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Hugh, you’re doing way more talks right? I think it’s so bizarre to be able to follow you around the world, watching/listening through all these little web portals. I got a question for you: In which conversation (this one or this one) did you best say what you meant to say? And related, but different, in which were you best heard?

I think it’s the second one, on both questions … in a huge way.

Why? And, next time you’re asked to speak, can you get to that “why” more quickly?

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Jeremy, thanks for linking to the video, could you expand a little on what you say here (i haven’t been able to get the lift video to work, so don’t have the point of comparison) it sounds really interesting, but a bit enigmatic ;-)

Sure. I left it a bit undefined because I hoped it’d leave Hugh some more room to respond. But, guessing he won’t show … I’ll throw in more of my opinion.

If you get to see the Lift video it might get clearer. But if you don’t get to, in that video Hugh is … awkward.

I’d never heard him or seen him before seeing that video. And I was surprised to see/hear the author of gapingvoid scrambling uncomfortably in front of a crowd. I wondered what was off … maybe it was his first “big” presentation?

Your video was the second time and as soon as it started, I thought/felt, “Ah, there he is!” That’s exactly what I’d have guessed Hugh talked like.

It’s clear that Hugh’s a conversationalist; at Lift he was forced into being a presenter. Is that clearer?