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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Jason Fried (37 Signals) posted about embracing obscurity.

“The beauty of starting a side business is that you can fail in obscurity. Many people worry that they’ll languish in obscurity. Don’t worry about having a great idea that no one knows about. Worry about having a bad idea that everyone knows about.”

Reminds me of this.

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Thanks for attributing this quote to me, but I’m actually not the one who said it! I think you mean Jason FRIED, who actually does work for 37 Signals; I was merely one of the commenters at that particular blog entry, and am not affiliated with that company at all (just a fan).

Jason Pettus, thanks and sorry. Jason Fried, sorry. Everybody else, all set?

Seriously, Pettus, thanks. Your name showed up under the headline because you were the last to comment at the time. I knew Fried was a Jason, but not a Fried.