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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Here’s a list of pages I’ve cruised by lately that seemed to merit another peek. Mostly a list of pages I want to get back to, but may be of interest to others too.

Flickr: Scaling Fast and Cheap — A talk by Cal Henderson (Flickr) describing the construction of a web-based, open source, scalable enterprise application.

Gorgeous pictures of China.

Paul Graham’s website — A viral essay writer, Paul Graham dominates most social tagging sites. Has done so without a blog (until recently). Has done so while writing essays (in a time when everyone calls for short and terse, he goes long).

Critical, creative and associative thinking: Bloom’s taxonomy of thinking
— I want to look more at associative thinking.

Artful Sentences: Syntax as style (Virgina Tufte) — Have been seeing this book pop up often. I’m big on style, so want another peek.

Bruce Sterling speech about emerging technology (Viridian Design) — Noted this earlier, but want to stick it here too. Very interested in these spimes, blogjects, thinglinks, and everyware ideas.

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