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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

My son is 11 months old. There are few things more inspiring than seeing him pull open a door.

If he has a line of sight, Keaton can spot the crack in a barely opened door from impossible distances. With dogged determination he’ll cross all obstacles to get there. Normally distracted by anything that moves, there’s nothing that distracts Keaton from the chance to push open a door.

A connoisseur of door-opening, a dilettante in all things hinged, he relishes the moment of unveiling a room. The awe and joy shine in his eyes as he purveys the mystery of a cordoned off space.

Even more than all the touching, grabbing, and tasting of physical things … Keaton is the only one I know who can taste a room and touch it’s unseen character. It is delightful.

I’d like to find my awe again … any tips?

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