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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

“On behalf of the elephants, thank you for listening.”

— Photographer Gregory Colbert at TED 2006

Of course it’s anthropomorphic and a tad melodramatic but still I get that tiny chill of inspiration reading Colbert’s quote above. It’s easy to pretend … transpose … the bigness of elephants into some measure of intelligence. And while that might be fake, I still have a hard time shaking the idea that intelligent animals like elephants, dolphins, primates watch humanity with a great depth of sadness.

They haven’t the voices to share what wisdom they’ve built across time. They haven’t a means to communicate their understanding of the unseen costs of our actions.

Have you ever seen a wounded animal? Have you ever marvelled at the nobility with which they bear their pain? There is something profoundly humbling in the way an animal will greet its death.

So, I ping a little when a man or woman stands between humanity and some endangered species and with grace and dignity thanks the human race for turning aside the wrath of our indifference.

On the side: the TED conference is on right now. It’s my goal is to get to one … to be paid to go to one … within the next three years. I think it’s absolutely spectacular.

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