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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Among the myriad benefits of a lifestyle managed with a system like Getting Things Done (GTD), the most worthwhile is not the number of things that get done.

The GTD system is designed to free up bandwidth. It unleashes the psychic energy required by most to track the multitudinous tasks of corporate life. It achieves this by defragmenting tasks.

Unranked and unrelated, the subconscious effort required to keep up with the ever increasing load of tasks is enormous. By collating and synthesizing tasks, most of us can reaccess a surprising amount of previously wasted energy. But almost everybody stops at this first-level benefit of more time spent on better things.

More time with better stuff isn’t the only benefit of these systems and may not even be the best. Even better is the new freedom to point an unfettered mind at the present.

The creativity and insightfulness that springs loose when complete attention is available is something rarely experienced by corporate types but regularly experienced by great artists. People passionate about their art are consumed by their art. Their whole mind is given to their work.

This is the greatest gift of a reorganized life: wholemindedness. If presence is important, the system that enables it is priceless.

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