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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

The first scene in the Matrix shows a woman, Trinity, sitting alone in a dark room. It’s obvious she’s hiding from something, wispering away on the phone.

Her back is to the only door in the room. With the requisite commotion, a bunch of cops burst through the door, guns drawn, yelling for her to put her hands behind her head.

Slowly she stands.

One cop, the biggest guy, flicks out some cuffs as he gets ready to haul her in and suddenly she goes nuts. The big guy slams into the wall. The rest of the cops panic. Gunfire blazes into the dark room. She’s a blur. And then, as suddenly as it started, it ends. They’re all dead. She’s amazing.

Into the building comes an unarmed man. When Trinity sees him it’s plain she’s afraid. She runs. He follows.

Leaping from building to building, rolling after impossible jumps, Trinity sprints off while the man behind her pulls a hand gun and rattles off several shots. The bullets pound into the bricks beside her.

Ahead of Trinity is an impossibly small window and it’s an impossibly long distance away. But it’s her only hope. She hurtles herself off the building, levels into a dive and crashes through the window. She’s escaping.

Glass explodes everywhere. Trinity crashes through the window, tumbles down a flight of stairs, and lands on her back at the bottom with two hand guns pointed back the way she just came. She’s terrified.

Lying there, heaving and broken she says, “Get up, Trinity. You’re fine. Get up — just get up!”

These are the three milestones of success:

1. We are amazing and we can prove it. After proving so much, some decide they’ve proven enough and stop growing. After having come so far, some decide they’ve come far enough and stay down.
2. We are afraid and we run from our fears. After climbing so high only to still find fear, we finally run instead of fight. And once we begin to run, the fear overtakes us. Panic sets in.
3. And each of us, sometime, lies heaving and broken on the floor. For each of us that will continue to grow, there is a moment in the blur of panic that we either set it aside or let it take us completely.

It is our fear that holds us down; the obstacles can not keep us there.

In this transition from government to private company … from advisor to investor … I forgot why I was amazing. I’m not amazing in the most general sense. But in some things, honestly, I am stunning. I forgot.

And in this time I’ve chosen fear instead of reality. I made up barriers, constructed misperceptions, and manufactured suspicion. I let these things pin me down.

Looking at this clearly I saw what I had done. I recognized that all these walls were mine. And I’ve decided to let them go.

It is fear that holds me down; but fear is mine to own.



A refreshing read this morning. Funny how the attack seems so specific when you’re in the battle, and how insignificant it is once you’re through it.



Glad to see you here Bill.