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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Today in Thoreau’s Journal:

“I doubt if Emerson could trundle a wheelbarrow through the streets, because it would be out of character. One needs to have a comprehensive character.”

Is this part of the never answered tension between generalist and specialist? Is there only a philosophical recognition of holistic people?

I spent the last two days on my knees, pulling staples from our floor, and getting ready for hardwood. Quite a few times I thought that I might make a grand renovator. The simplicity appeals.

I could spend my days on my knees and my evenings in my mind and never fumble again with the ideas of a passionate career. Why?

Because I yearn to be comprehensive and only see opportunity for specialists. And I find the long tunnel to expertise in economics (or anything else) as tiresome as a life spent on my knees pulling staples.

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