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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

To get inside with a power holder: see where they are vulnerable.

To see where they are vulnerable: stop watching them.

Just as you stopped watching the speaker, now stop watching the obvious power holder. Hiding behind a quiet façade is the remaining ocean of power. The ensconced legacy power holder.

Those not building power are defending it. The legacy power holder is the quiet, mirthless, furrowed brow at the table. These people are always invited to every important meeting, they rarely carry the floor, and they rarely agree. But are never negative.

The openly negative opponent is not a power holder. This is a derisive distraction. A wanna-be. Ignore them.

Look for people with enough independence that they can oppose without open warfare. They’ve got something to defend. Watch what they do. When they get their way, you’ve found your banker’s vulnerability.

Knowing your banker’s intentions and their vulnerabilities; you now know their needs.

Needs can include knowledge gaps (technical issues, positions of legacy power holders, etc.), intelligence gaps (misses non-verbal cues, misses underlying assumptions, generates logistical mine-fields), or just plain horse-power. Whatever the need, figure out how you can satisfy a few.

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