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Debt is easier to generate than equity. This is as true for corporate-types as it is for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs always max out their lines of credit. Max out yours.

In this case your credit is bandwidth. The time and resources you’re given to do your job. You have a maximum capacity. A portion of it is used to get your job done … to satisfy your job description. The rest can be used to grow.

Most corporate types use this bandwidth for surfing, complaining, or lunching. Use your bandwidth to find and borrow power.

Finding starts by observing.

Every conversation, whether you’re in it or not, is a chance to learn about power. The trick is to never watch the person that’s talking.

To know who to borrow from you’ve got to know who has some. A good indicator of rich and readily accessible power is the person who’s late, who isn’t listening, or who is interrupting.

Readily accessible is key. There will be power, lots of it, held by people that don’t meet these characteristics, but you won’t be able to get it when you need it – which is now. Once you’ve mustered some of your own, you can begin to tap some of these other sources.

The always late, never listening, constantly interrupting power holder is your first connection because of one, single defining characteristic: that person is still building.

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