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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Unlike Hugh, I still check my stats fairly regularly. I enjoy it. It’s marvelous that we can own words or ideas, even if it’s just for a flicker of time. Imagine owning the two-word phrase “sift experiment“. Remarkable.

So, I’ve been watching this month to see if the site traffic would pass the highmark set in August when Kottke blinked my way.

Today we rolled past. This is quite a milestone. Mostly because I didn’t have a “Kottke blink” this time. It’s just … growth. But also because I’ve tried to stop trending. I chose to start writing about things that are real to me … instead of real to someone else I admire. And finally, because I haven’t posted regularly until quite recently.

So … no conclusions or anything. Just a note of interest.

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