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I’ve been thinking about the things corporate salary-type folks could learn from entrepreneurs. It’s actually an old idea of mine … not really an idea I guess … more of a recognition — entrepreneurs have lots to teach innovators within large organizations.

I even bought a domain: you & company.

It seems to me that I’ve got a unique chance to share something on this topic. I just left a fairly successful stint in the federal government: 2.5 years, four levels of promotion, and lots of opportunities to go back … not bad. I worked happily (at least from my side) with several entrepreneurs throughout that time through sift. And now I chug away with myriad entrepreneurs as an investor.

I’ve got an unusual perspective too. I’ve come from a position in international discussions to an unmarked office in the industrial sector. From a need to be very visionary to a need to be very tactical. From an organisation of thousands to an organisation of seven. From the nation’s capital to a tiny, rural Alberta town. These are big changes. Polar changes. And if nothing else, offer mildly interesting observations.

Perhaps one of the most best things I can share is my take, and changing understanding, of what it took to be successful in an organisation like the one I left. And the things I’m learning now that would have changed the way I did things then.

This is a big group of people. A quick scan for stats gave me an Inc. article that suggests there were more than 6,000 companies with more than 1,000 employees in 1998. Not sure what the number is now, eight years later, but that’s quite a niche.

So, here it comes: You & Company — council for corporate entrepreneurs.

(For now I’ll post it here … to busy to make a whole other site.)

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