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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

[posted January 16, 2006]

Below is the purpose I had for sift when I started this experiment.

I’m still all in on those ideas but I think the purpose is quickly evolving away from purely entrepreneurs and purely business. Just as I am evolving past these things.

While in my government job … while living on two great incomes without kids … while living in the nation’s capital … while representing Canada internationally … life had a different flavour. I saw a different set of rich things. I enjoyed different colours.

Now I am an almost VC … a father (and not so wealthy one) … I live in a tiny Alberta town … and represent a very small company … the old richness has faded and a new set of colours has emerged.

While I learn to paint with these new colours I don’t have the heart for those old things. At least not in those old ways.

I’m changing. I am picking up different parts of myself. I am rebecoming.

Instead of tactics, I choose strategy. Instead of bestsellers, I choose classics. Instead of buzzwords, I choose parables. Instead of knowledge, I choose wisdom.

This is my experiment.

[posted September 24, 2004]

“A gracefully executed work has no peer.” Si-Ma (1019-1086)

Peerless. Imagine that. A place where your greatest competition is … you. This is the niche, the blue ocean strategy, the true art of war.

Where is peerless found? In the essence of business … the art of graceful execution. Perfect expression of purpose. Flawless code. Brilliant design. Simple strategy.

Perfect, flawless, brilliant, and simple only come from complete knowing; graceful execution is a consequence of absolute understanding. To fully know, you have to have looked, studied, analyzed and described the depth and edge of your art.

Only after knowing can you express the essence of purpose — to fully know you must give up narrow, focused, and singular thinking. You must go deeper and wider. But to be a great entrepreneur — to beat the terrific odds against your success — you must focus narrowly on a single opportunity. A paradox.

Paradox is opportunity. An opportunity to seek another perspective, a higher perspective — sift.

Sift lets you see opportunity at its highest level, while you focus at the lowest level. Sift ignores the existing order, while you strive to impose order. Sift thinks about everything, while you think about surviving.

Sift uses observation and fluid thinking to cross all silos of learning and bring you the best knowledge from art, science, culture and business — because this is the way that peerless is found.

Perfect, flawless, brilliant and simple. Peerless. Your choice.


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Just perusing your blog after seeing your comments at Hugh’s GapingVoid. We really ought to talk – you’re writing fascinating stuff along the lines of what I’m thinking about and I wanted to answer your question back to me on the comment thread in more detail; but either I’m still sleep-deprived or your email isn’t clearly labeled.

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