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Here’s a chore: Define what you’re worth for a day.

Don’t turtle and say it’s your wage; or if you’re an entrepreneur, what you pull down — you’ll miss too much.

Include your thought time, all the stuff you decide not to do, every time you say no, relationships you build or refortify, egos you caress so they keep chugging. These and a vast pool of forgettable decisions are a part of your worth at work.

Define that number and then decide how to get paid.

Way back at the end of this podcast, Joe Liemandt (Founder and CEO, Trilogy) describes how he changed what he asks for.

Jack Welch and a few other clients were telling Joe that his software was great but they weren’t getting what it was worth. The value wasn’t apparent. So Joe took them up on their gripe and changed how he was paid.

Now he asks for a percentage of the difference he makes. Which is way bigger than the up front cost his clients were paying.

And everybody’s lots more happy.

Why? First, people want to know that the things they get are worth paying for — and are willing to pay more for the knowing. And second, people want to get paid for what they put on the table — and are willing to work harder to prove it.

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