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Strategy is a mindful, present response to hope.

The difference between hope and strategy: hope is a prerequisite to strategy but not a sufficient condition. Action is also required but also insufficient. The equation must also include understanding and for most this is, or becomes, the critical issue.

Hope is also a prerequisite to entrepreneurism. It is the belief that a possibility will become a reality. And for the entrepreneur this is where action begins. The problem begins because few understand that: action does not equal strategy and the nature of strategy is conditioned by an ability to influence the future.

Constructed deliberately, here is the equation:


– Hope (H) is a vision of the future,
– Action (a) is a response to that hope, and
– Understanding (U) is the recognition of how action impacts the future.


Strategy (S) = H(a)*U

And the first derivative of strategy is: a*U


Understanding is integral to strategy and the impact is multiplicative.

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