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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Past, present, or future. What of strategy?

In the fog of waking up I saw what seemed a clear picture: the answer depends. Depends on an ability to influence a future position. The answer’s been clarified by my recent career swerve.

When working for the government, I was paid to understand and partially define the future. Looking forward I might see an opportunity or an issue and my job was to help design a set of programs that would answer what was coming. I made waves.

Now, as an investor, I still see the future but can only barely influence it. The only real leverage I have is a stubborn resolve to invest in companies that act on the possibilities I too see on the horizon. My only action is to narrow my interest to those investments that achieve those potential outcomes. Here I understand currents.

And as an entrepreneur, there is only one choice: ride the wave. No single entrepreneur has sufficient power to move waves nor perspective to truly understand them. The only decision is to move as the wave does and the only action is to optimize the ride.

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