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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Blogs are like flashers; books are like strippers.

Blogs give only a glimpse of substance where a good book builds to full revelation. Blogs present a snapshot of an idea’s evolution; a book constructs the idea from its creation to its current state.

Bloggers are like privateers; book writers are like man-o-wars.

Bloggers are more cavalier with their reputations, more wont to be careless, and less bound to a certain cause. A book writer is tactically deliberate, confined to a topic, and has made a massive investment that had better pay-off.

Blogs are like jam; books are like bread.

A pure diet of blogs threatens to decay any capacity (and any appetite) to build and hone an argument based on facts, iteration, and rhetoric. A pure diet of books may sometimes be bland but it is sustainable.

Blogs are like gossip; books are like legends.

There are no “classics” in blogs.

Blogs are like topsoil; books are like bedrock.

There is no blog (in it’s most broad and whole sense) that has withstood the assault of time and continuous scrutiny to emerge as a foundation for the next generation of writers.

Blogs are like moths; books are like pearls.

Blogs take moments to create, the ideas percolate for mere days before publication, and exist for as long as the main page takes to cycle. Books are the product of years, are refined continuously throughout their publication, and exist almost indefinitely.

Blogs are like spruce; books are like oak.

Burn spruce and you get minimal heat, lots of noise, and mostly ash. Burn oak for lots of heat, minimal noise, and hardly any ash. It depends what you’re after: entertainment or heat.

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