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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

[All technical words italicized for easy skimming]

I’m no plumber but I like to pretend sometimes. In our new house the tub’s hot water tap leaks (leaked, past tense began 3 minutes ago). And feigning competency I decided to solve that problem (hey, entrepreneur, sound familiar)?

So, lugging out the wrenches and screwdrivers, I pulled that puppy apart. Knobs, screw, rubber washers, o-rings, and copper tubing were scattered liberally about. Muttered swearing was soon heard. And vast amounts of very clean, very hot water were wasted.

The saga began three weeks ago. Brute force was the first method employed. General swearing failed to produce any positive results. Frequent trips to Canadian Tire only served to burden the Visa but didn’t nothing about the leak. Finally, today, I decided to actually look at the problem.

Pulling the entire apparatus apart for the eleventh time, I looked intently at each piece as it issued from the mysterious plumber’s (real plumber) hole in the wall. The last detachable piece, a tiny copper tube attaching the whatsit to the thing had a tiny fissure rendering the edge uneven and jagged. I immediately surmised that not only was a good seal impossible but this was the culprit shredder, destroyer of three previous jobbies.

A-ha! Off to the batcave and two minutes later, five minutes ago, the problem was solved.

Lessons: resist the urge to push harder, look intently, and swear as necessary.

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