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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Whilst lolling despondently on the sofa: “When will I start doing the things I am great at? I keep doing things that help me be greater.”

Good friend in from old places: “Maybe guys like you just keep growing and never ‘get there.'”

Thinking about the deluge of newness that is my life these days; an idea popped into mind on the way to coffee at 5:50 this morning: Focus on todo.

GTD, 43folders, etc do a great job on the basic tasks or todo’s of the day, but I don’t mean these. I mean the big ones that are less than purposes and more than checklistable activities. These are the functional todo’s rather than the tactical.

I am a new father; what are my big todo’s? I am a husband, what todo? I am a new investment manager — todo? I am grandson, son, brother, friend, co-worker, threat, foe, arch-enemy: todo?

I’m too visionary and too strategic to settle for a daily list of stuff. Too far reaching to nail down a strategy for “this stuff” (in the narrow sense of today’s functions). And too interested in “that stuff” (meaning everything but this stuff).

So I’ll try functonal todo’s …

… hey, what’s that?

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