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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

On the weekend we rolled past seven young boys playing a motley game of baseball outside the Swiss Chalet. Despite cigarettes lolling from their mouths and the weather being a balmy -20 degrees Celsius, they had a good thing going out there on the brown lawn.

Ever interested in the forces that move dullards to productivity, I stopped to watch the players: One charismatic leader, his hat perilously pitched on the back section of an unruly head of hair, bounded around the front of the group hauling in new pieces for the game. One stolid and infallible partner stood bellowing out rules created in real-time from home plate. And the usual cadre of undeciders were milling around and pushing each other while they waited for things to be sorted out.

Adding to the amusement was the Shelley-esque combination of ingredients they’d been able to muster. These include and were limited to the following: a bat (landline marker), a ball (someone’s lost gas cap), a home plate (for sale sign), and somewhere to run (ditch along the highway).

Driving home I concluded: as in baseball, so in business.

For business one needs a bunch of cash, a product/service, a place to make it, and somewhere to stick it.

Those are the ingredients but you can’t get any unless you have the leader, supporter, and others. Which is obvious to everybody. But somehow what’s remained less than obvious is the role of the leader in creating the ingredients for the game. And this includes cash which then includes me in my new role as an investor.

For that spontaneous baseball game, the leader created everything including the bat (which, remember, represents cash). But the general complaint in business is that sufficient cash does not exist. And I contend that it just needs to be created.

And that my role is not dolling out cash at all but simply watching for leaders that are ready to create the game.

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