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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

When I went to Albert we must have tried 40 pairs of glasses … 40 pieces.

Stacked up on the table in front of me were frames nearly indistinguishable from each other. And tirelessly he placed them on me, stepped back, readjusted … and rejected.

Over and over until the 28th pair. “These … are excellent. Superb.”

Placing them to the side (a place reserved for only two other pair) he continued on for another few pairs. But his eyes were on “Superb” and he soon put them back on me.

“Unquestionable. Simply no question. These are the ones.”

Back to a few more. Not three pair later they were back on my face.


One more pair and he suddenly dropped everything on the table. He glanced with the sneer of a master at the other two previously reserved pieces on the table, carefully and respectfully placed the esteemed piece on my face, stepped back and with a flair that only the French can pull off — kissed his fingertips with a smack — and walked away.

He was done.

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