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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

I just bought a pair of $750 eye glasses.

They’re made by a group of 25 year-old German “creators” (which is important … read on) and there is only one other pair in the entire city of Ottawa — Albert, owner of Albert Opticians, is wearing them.

I went in ready to spend $350 tops. Albert up sold me by $400 — here’s how:

  • Albert is refined (wearing $250 trousers, a fine pair of shoes, and, need I mention, very sharp glasses), very selective in his approval, and persistent in his search for the ultimate piece,
  • Albert and his people spent an hour zipping around the shop, snatching up new pairs, and with great flourish helping me try them on,
  • For each pair I was educated on why they worked and why they didn’t,
  • Albert pointed out the fine features of each pair:
    – “these lenses float inside the frame”,
    – “see here,” manicured pinky pointing, “no screws anywhere on this pair”,
    – “these lenses,” puffing and buffing very seriously, “are nearly invisible”,
    – etc.,
  • He explained where each pair was made, why he bought them, and why a brand name at this level was irrelevant — “You are buying design, creation, and sophistication — these guys are the very best — brand names don’t matter here … just reputation”,
  • He explained his philosophy of buying — from “creators” only (the people that actually create the frames — there are mere hundreds in the world) and never designers (these are legion), and only one pair of each piece,
  • And he gave me his deepest respect despite my Gap jeans and Westcoast tee.
  • This is exactly what boutiqu-ing (1, 2) is all about. This is bespoke tailor and Hugh McLeod riffs on thousand year old cheese.


    So does this mean you’ll stop wearing contacts? :)

    I don’t know actually. Do you always wear a $1,400 suit because you have it? Or a sweet pair of Italian soles everyday — because they’re in your closet?

    Maybe just for closing deals, meeting bigwigs, and hot dates with my wife.

    If you come over, I’ll let you touch them, and tell you the whole story. I love the story at least as much as the frames.