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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Seth Godin on two kinds of writing:

“If you’re writing for strangers, make it shorter.

Use images and tone and design and interface to make your point. Teach people gradually.

If you’re writing for colleagues, make it more robust.

Be specific. Be clear. Be intellectually rigorous and leave no wiggle room.

Takeaway: the stuff you’re putting online or in your blog or in your brochures or in your business letters is too long … Too many unanswered questions getting answered too soon.

Takeaway: the stuff you’re sending out in your email and your memos is too vague.”

From a marketer with a reputation like Seth’s this advice is worth noting. Notice the unanswered questions, gradual teaching, use of abstract — this is mystery.

This advice works for more than blogging. It works for pitching, describing your interests, and getting more opportunities with old clients too.

Update: Seth, given what you said above, what do you think drives the success of Dave “king-of-the-long-form” Pollard — proud father of the none too shabby blogpulse rating of 558?

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